The Stewardship Committee is offering a new mobile app which could make it easier for you, GSLC members, to provide offerings for the mission of Good Shepherd Lutheran. This is for your convenience. You do not have to change your current method of donation.
It is called “Givelify”. You can find out more about this app at
To activate this new mobile app:
1. Go to the Givelify web site on your mobile phone
2. Select “Personal Giving” on the upper menu.
3. For an iPhone go to the iPhone App Store. For an Android phone go to the
Google Play store and download the app to your phone. It looks like this
4. Select open
5. You will need to give it an email and make up your password.
6. Select Search then add “Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Chattanooga”
Here you should see the Church building and the Good Shepherd Stained Glass Window below.

7. Select “Give”
8. Then it will ask for your contribution amount and you will see the following

givelify_donate9. Then you can select which category: Either “General Offering” or “Social Ministry” or “BCA”
10. Then it will ask if you want to use a credit card or other method for donation.
11. Once you do that, you will receive an email that tells you how much you gave, which category you gave and which method you used. 12. You are done.
In the future when you want to give you just select the app from your phone, select Good Shepherd and then “Give”, select the amount and the category then confirm. You have completed your donation.
It will also show all of the donations you have made through this app. And the account you used.
It is that easy.
There will be opportunities when special donations will be provided like memorials, building initiatives, Youth programs and other special missions. At that time, those accounts will be added to the mobile app to give you an opportunity to donate.
If you have questions about the app, contact Steve Meyer at If you have questions about your donation, contact our Church Treasurer, Vickie Spiegelhalter, at